January 26, 2017

Our Team

Nei-Turner Media Group’s breadth of employee experience ensures our customers that no matter what the project is, we’ll be able to come up with fresh ideas and new perspectives for high-quality, engaging results. And our employees put as much creative energy into their family lives as they do into their daily work responsibilities. Our company's owners stress the importance of family, community, and health in our daily lives.

Nei-Turner Media Group has two office locations - Lake Geneva and Madison. Our primary office is located in scenic downtown Lake Geneva, WI, with a skilled team to handle all custom projects as well as numerous in-house publications and events.  Our “Madison” office is located in quiet Verona, WI, with an experienced team to produce the monthly BRAVA Magazine, plus sales for many of our publications.

Louise Andraski

Sales Executive

(608) 873-8734

Kelly Broz

Sales Manager - ChicagoStyle Weddings

(847) 584-2626 X105  

Denise Bruscher

Sales Manager - ChicagoStyle Weddings

Kayla Collins

Art Director

(262) 729-4471 x101

Matt Cross

Business Development Manager

(262) 729-4471 x110

Ashley Duchemin

Director of Events

(262) 729-4471 x102

Kristin Dvorak

Social Media Manager

(262) 729-4471 x108

Kayla Ermer

Graphic Designer

(262) 729-4471

Dena Frisch

Sales Manager

(608) 220-2120

Sylvia Gorden

Editor - ChicagoStyle Weddings

(847) 584-2626 X100

Deann Hausner

Sales Executive

(262) 729-4471 x104

Kristin Hovestol


(262) 729-4471 x107

Barb Howell

Editorial Director

(262) 729-4471 x115

Barb Krause


(262) 729-4471 x103

Holly Leitner

Digital Editor & Photographer

(262) 729-4471 x105

Shayna Mace

Editorial Director

Carrie Mantey

Editorial Director

(608) 848-6706

Kerri Melchiorre

Sales Assistant

(262) 729-4471 x114

Cindy Micha

Sales Executive

(262) 903-8633

Barb Montagano

Regional Sales Manager

(630) 220-3690

Jerriann Mullen

Community Manager

(262) 729-4471 x111

Becky Peck

Vice President - Publications

(262) 729-4471 x109

Kristen Rouse

Digital Director

(262) 729-4471 x113

Julie Schiller

Advertising Coordinator

(262) 729-4471 x110

Cindy Smith

Sales Executive

(262) 729-4471

Laura Wrasman

Regional Publisher

(630) 205-6336