2017: A Year In Review

2017…what a year!  This was definitely a year for the books, with many big changes and acquisitions for Nei-Turner Media Group.

While it technically happened in 2016, we are still growing and expanding with our “new” acquisition of BRAVA Magazine.  This merger with the well-known Madison women’s publication nearly doubled our staff size, and also gave us the opportunity to combine our publishing and events resources. As Nei-Turner President Bill Turner said, “We specialize in niche publications, and BRAVA is a perfect fit for our portfolio with its specific focus on women. BRAVA is the best way for businesses that target female consumers to reach them in the Madison area.”

In 2017, we announced the partnership for The Celebration Society, a wedding publication and full-service website. The partnership pairs the interests of two media groups currently serving the wedding, party and meeting markets and unites their efforts under one team.

Shortly after, we acquired Wedding Guide Chicago, which is now combined with The Celebration Society to be “The Celebration Society: Chicago.” This kind of growth is exactly what we were targeting when we became involved with The Celebration Society.

Over the past year, we have also been rolling out new websites for nearly all of our publications, in order to keep up-to-date with new digital trends.

With these many new projects, it’s only natural that we needed new staff. We added several new positions in 2017, including a New Business Manager, an Editorial Director, Project Assistant, and VP of Sales.

While all of this growth and expansion is impressive, one thing remains the same – our dedication to producing quality publications for our clients and for the public, with engaging articles and eye-catching design.

We are always open to discussing new projects for 2018 and beyond. For more information, contact Matt Cross, New Business Manager, or Barb Krause, Publisher, today.